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  • Guarantees Learning

We are confident that our method will help your child understand and enjoy maths. We back up our teaching by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with your child’s progress within the first 30 days, we will refund 100% of your membership fee.

Teaching That Guarantees Learning

In Today’s Fiercely Competitive Job Market, Your Child Cannot Afford the Risk of Being Incompetent at Mathematics!
This is why we created Maths Mastery Method™, a system to maximise your child’s learning and help them master maths concepts.

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Maths Mastery Process

We have a comprehensive, collaborative approach and work together with your child and teachers to identify the right strategies to help your child gain a deep understanding of maths concepts.





"The only maths I really learned in all these years of school was what you taught me."

Amber. D

"I never thought tutoring could make such a difference. We hired a tutor in the past, but he wasn't much help. James likes his new tutor and is enjoying the method you use because it helps him understand maths."


"My daughter didn't like maths last year, but now she likes and understands it. Thank you for your great help."

Emily. B

“The Real Reason Your Child
Is Failing At School…
Even If They Get Great Grades!”

“The Real Reason Your Child
Is Failing At School…
The Real Reason Your Child Is Failing At School…
Even If They Get Great Grades!”