Maths Mastery Method ™

Maths Mastery Method™ is a student-centred teaching method that is based on most advanced research and practice around the world. After years of teaching and research, Jahan Kay developed a method that can help all children understand and enjoy mathematics.

Here are a few reasons why our method is so successful:​

  • Research Driven Method:

    Our method is designed based on recent findings on "How the Brain Learns Mathematics".

    Our Expert Teachers are trained to use strategies and teaching materials that assure the development of mathematical skills and knowledge that will transform your child's future whether in senior years, university and their career.

    The Maths Mastery Method™ is based on recommendations from notable experts such as Jerome Bruner, Richard Skemp, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, and Zoltan Denies.

  • Ongoing Assessment and Report:

    A student’s prior knowledge has a powerful impact on his or her achievement. This is why our Expert Teachers begin each teaching session by assessing what the student already knows and can do and how they learn best.

    Unlike the majority of tutoring centres and private tutors, we don't do guesswork, trying to teach in a way that we "guess" is best for your child.

    We have developed a Complete Diagnostic Assessment to help us and you understand where your child is with his or her maths and what specific gaps exist in his or her knowledge.

  • Ongoing Feedback:

    Professor John Hattie, the Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute, discovered in his 15-year long research that one of the most powerful single influences enhancing achievement is feedback.

    We provide you and your child with ongoing feedback every single week. After every session, your Expert Teacher will send you a summary sheet of what was learned, what difficulties your child experienced, what progress was made, and what will be done the following session.

  • Invaluable resources:

    We do what classroom teachers can't do. We focus on what really matters: Student's learning and understanding of maths.

    School teachers have no choice but to divide their attention between completing the curriculum, following a particular textbook, sticking to a timetable that might not work for all students, running standard tests that don't suit all students and other duties.

    Our Expert Teachers have the freedom and expertise to use whatever resource that's proven to work for each individual student and spend as much time as needed on a specific topic to ensure deep learning has occurred before moving on to the next topic.

  • Focusing on Deep Understanding:

    Research has shown that both teacher-created and standardised state-wide tests are dominated by surface-level questions.

    You might have hired tutors in the past who helped your child do well on a unit test, but then you noticed that your child has great difficulty recalling that information just a few months later.

    Why is that? Brain research shows that learning and retention are different. We can learn something for just a short time and then lose it forever (surface learning).

    What that means is that your child’s high or low score in a particular test does not show whether they have gained a deep understanding of the topic.

    This is where Maths Mastery Education differs significantly from other tutoring centres and private tutors.

    Where the majority of tutors and centres focus on temporary improvement of test scores (because that is appealing to parents), we understand that just a relatively higher score in a particular test does not guarantee a student’s deep understanding of the concept.

    At Maths Mastery Education, we believe that students need to develop deep and conceptual understandings and our Expert Teachers make sure that this is integrated into their teaching.

    This guarantees that lifelong learning has occurred and that your child will not need more tutoring in the following years for the same concepts.

  • Long-Term Retention:

    Research shows that new information is most likely to get stored in long-term memory if it makes sense and is relevant (meaningful) to the learner.

    When students don’t find meaning in what they study, they are less likely to learn the concept in depth even if they understand it at the time being.

    Think of this process in the classroom. Every day, students listen to things that make sense but lack meaning. They may follow the teacher’s instructions and even get the correct answer. But if they have not found meaning, there is little chance of long-term storage.

    Mathematics teachers are often frustrated to see students using a certain formula one day, but they cannot remember how to do it the next day. This happens because the majority of classroom teachers (and private tutors) spend their time helping the student to make sense of the concepts and nearly no time to help the student to make meaning of mathematics.

    Our Expert Teachers design each lesson in a way that is relevant and meaningful to the student. We use Modelling, Students’ Experience, Visualisation, Closure and many other scientifically proven methods to create meaning and enhance student understanding.

  • Spaced Practice:

    Numerous research studies show that we forget an average of 70 percent of new information within 24 hours, and an average of 90 percent of it within a week.

    Your child is not bad at maths, he doesn’t have a bad memory, and most likely, he’s not lazy. The way children are taught at school is totally inappropriate for how human brain works.

    At Maths Mastery Education, we use a proven system to assure your child gets appropriate support to review the concepts learned at the right time intervals so the retention rate is maximised.

    Compare this with the common practice at school. The majority of school teachers are under so much pressure to cover the topic in a short amount of time, they rarely get a chance to revisit previously taught concepts. The result: your child has little to no memory of the topic she learned a few months ago.

  • Relevant and Engaging lessons:

    Recent studies show that a typical classroom teacher talks 70 to 80 percent of the time and most of this talk produces the lowest engagement. This allows very little time for engaging the students in meaningful conversations that reinforce their learning.

    Our teachers are experts in: engaging students in learning, listening to them to evaluate their progress, providing timely feedback and instructions to help the students deepen their understanding of the topics.

  • More than Improving Test Scores:

    The way maths is taught at school often relies on drilling and memorisation of many skills each year.

    At Maths Mastery Education we focus on children not just learning but also mastering a limited number of concepts before we move on to the next concept. Our goal is for our students to perform well because they understand the material on a deeper level; they are not just learning it for the test.

    Our Expert Teachers influence students in a wide range of ways not solely limited to test scores by:

    helping them to develop deep and conceptual understanding, teaching them to develop multiple learning strategies, encouraging them to take risks in their learning and helping them gain confidence in their ability and skills.

  • Creative Problem Solving:

    Most students have never been exposed to an organised approach to solving problems. We believe that problem solving in itself is a life skill that needs to be taught.

    Our Expert Teachers make a special effort to help your child master a simple four-step method to Creative Problem Solving. These are the strategies Mathematical Olympiads students are taught and we believe every student can learn them as well.

  • Specialists in Working with Teenagers:

    Our private teachers are experts in making rapport with teenagers. Professor Hattie also concluded in his long-term research that Teacher-Student relationship is among the top ten factors that determine students' success.

    This is why we choose our Expert Teachers very carefully to make sure they are highly skilled not only in teaching mathematics, but also in making and maintaining great rapport with their students.

  • Ongoing Teacher Training:

    Our Expert Teachers never stop learning. They are involved in ongoing training to stay on top of the latest developments, strategies, and trends in effective teaching.

    You can be assured that your child will benefit from the latest training methods which have proven to get results.

Our Teacher Selection Process

We are very selective about who we choose and train to become a Maths Mastery teacher. Our thorough screening and qualification process means only a small fraction of those who apply to be a Maths Mastery Teacher make it through the vetting process. After successful candidates are selected through the interview and background check process, they receive ongoing training to stay on top of the latest developments, strategies, and trends in effective teaching.

Qualities We Look For in Teachers

  • Exceptional teaching skills demonstrated during interview 
  • Demonstration of expert-level mathematics knowledge
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Prior teaching and mentoring skills or credentials
  • Ability to develop and teach personalised learning plans
  • Successful completion of background check 
  • Friendly and personable demeanor

Our Private Teaching Process





We are confident that our method will help your child understand and enjoy maths. We back up our teaching by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with your child’s progress within the first 30 days, we will refund 100% of your membership fee.